Welcome To Our Planning Bio!

-Updated October 28, 2010-

Hi Knotties and those who happened upon this. We're very excited to be planning our October, 2011 wedding! We've been engaged since June, 2009 and while I've been on the knot officially searching for inspiration since then, I've been dreaming about my wedding since the day I met my fiance. So as a result I've collected numerous photos and have no idea where I got them from. If one of them....or all of them are yours feel free to page me on the Massachusetts-Cape Cod or October 2011 boards! I'm always lurking but not necissarily posting.

Our wedding colors are officially purple and silver and we're planning an outdoor garden ceremony (under a beautiful chestnut tree) and an indoor historical reception/cocktail hour.


PS I have no idea how that became my name since I choose soon2bMrsF but oh well..sorry it's so long!